Amazon work from home jobs – All you need to know about remote jobs at Amazon

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Amazon has over the years grown to become one of the most recognized and trusted online retailers in the world. They provide e-books, home items, electrical equipment, music, movies also, and several many other products.
In the year 2020, Amazon was listed as the 2nd best employer to work for, according to Forbes. Also, they provide remote jobs at Amazon, which many individuals seize as leverage to work from home.

The need to restructure the workforce worldwide becomes necessary as the world itself becomes more digitized, considering the COVID-19 outbreak it became more emphatic; hence the need not only to advocate for but also enhance work from home jobs.

As luck will always have its way, Amazon, being a vast online merchant; provides more than a thousand remote jobs for virtual seeking workers in its various subsets. You are probably wondering how you can get an Amazon work-from-home job, worry no more as we will be looking into how to get remote jobs at Amazon.

Does Amazon Offer Work From Home Jobs?

Amazon WFH

First off, you might be wondering is it possible to get a remote job at Amazon, notwithstanding your geographical location, the answer is yes it is very much possible. Amazon provides work from home jobs for different roles in varying departments in the company and also for international individuals who are qualified enough to fit into the job description.

How to search for available Amazon WFH Jobs:

First, off it is important to have in mind that while looking for a job offer in Amazon, most especially remote jobs at Amazon; some categories will not always have openings.
It is therefore advisable to channel a search to Amazon’s official job board to access current openings, know its stipulated requirements and of course, the job description, click here to get direct access.

List of available remote jobs you can find on Amazon:

1) Customer Service Jobs:

Amazon Customer service job

If you are on the look for a job helping customers, luckily for you Amazon has many job opportunities of virtual call centers for both remote and home-based. Having in mind that Amazon is a “customer-obsessed” that is, they are all about its custody and how to drive maximum satisfaction.

Considering the relishing salary rate, Amazon customer service work is highly sought-after, as the pay is higher than the average salary, ($16/ hour) it also gives one a friendly workspace and enhances the growth of one’s career. Amazon remote customer service job has a higher pay rate in comparison to remote customers service jobs in other companies.

Do bear in mind that while seeking for Amazon customer service job, they only hire remote agents that reside in certain states. Ensure to check out their remote job website to get an up to date state restrictions.
Note that openings for this job category are more often seasonal so should want to consider turning on your job alert notification.

Amazon customer service jobs tend to be more temporary jobs but also tend to retain temporary employees if the requirements are met. Amazon remote customer service job can be done part-time or full time, its essential requirement is having a separate phone line with a high-speed network.


For you to stand a chance in getting the job offer(customer service) one would need a one-year experience at least in customer service experience, working from home experience, and have a high school diploma. Also, access to a conducive environment that suits the job type, that is, a very calm and serene environment. Acquiring basic customer service skills, and the ability to carry out problem-solving tasks.

2) Human Resources:

Amazon is a very big online merchant and is always evolving, they need human resources managers to be of aid because of its growth rate.

This is a very uptight position especially in Amazon that is not very easy to obtain considering how serious they look out for their HR solutions, and how very challenging it is, also anyone interested in the job type should be ready to travel such opportunities can spring up while on the job, one also get to work with a qualified set of individuals in a team.

Its basic qualifications for a manager post are a BSc degree, six years of experience, and also a one-year supervisory role. The average yearly salary rate of a human resources personnel in Amazon is $53006.

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A bachelor’s degree in human resources or a subject similar to it as well as managerial roles of at least 3 years of professional exposure to human resource functions.
Looking forward to working at Getty a remote job at Amazon as a human resources manager, one will need to have experience using business software such as Excel, Microsoft Word, Access, and also some HR software like PeopleSoft or HRIS will serve as an edge and help to leverage such opportunities.

3) Amazon Home Job Recruiters:

Number three on our list of remote jobs at Amazon is the Amazon Home Job Recruiters. Job recruiters at Amazon are responsible for matching qualified candidates with an available job opening. They operate differently, at times they are on a single team fixed across various departments, or other times they specialize in filling executive and technical roles and also sometimes they source for talents and conduct interviews at the company.

Amazon work from home jobs

They are also determine if new openings will be required within the company, also work hand in hand with other recruiting agencies to help widen the search for workers. The workload can be quite hectic and they get average pay of $67992 yearly.

4) Marketing Campaign Manager

The Marketing Campaign Manager at Amazon is responsible for managing resources and objectives related to some aspects of Amazon’s businesses. They plan, organize and improve the success of every marketing campaign through various channels, via emails and social media platforms. Amazon’s Marketing Campaign Managers get an average salary of $78611 yearly.

Amazon’s Campaign Managers are often expected to carry out various types of tasks across different departments, they take on huge projects and bring up intricate strategies that will be of huge impact on the company’s long and short-term growth.


Marketing Campaign Managers at Amazon should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business or a relating field like computer science or engineering may be required for some marketing jobs, also an experience of at least 2 years in business marketing and automation technology like Marketo and Parrot.

An excellent writing and speaking skills as well as experience in the advanced email market, tracking experience will give one an additional advantage due to customers’ dissections, profiles, and target needs.

Probably wondering why there are not always openings for customer service on remotes jobs at Amazon, there is a thousand work from home customer service agents that get hired every year. Such openings are available occasionally every year, especially during the peak of shopping season which is around November till January.

amazon logo

This entails that numerous temporary post for customers service agents springs up around August are listed as seasonal jobs. So if you want to work from home at Amazon, it will be advisable for one to try out working for one of the seasonal jobs. There is every tendency that if one performs well in the temporary roles, you stand a chance to improve your eligibility for a job offer, and will be offered a permanent position when applying for a post in another department at Amazon.

Do take note that seasonal employees may not share the same benefits as a full-time non-season employee, but, it can get you access to get a permanent full-time nonseasonal job.

Benefits of working at Amazon:

Many benefits are working at Amazon, for its staff and intimate family members, first, they provide a starting pay that is higher than the US federal minimum wage. Here are some listed benefits offered by Amazon: health care coverage, parental leave, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and many more.

1) Health Benefits offered by Amazon

Amazon ensures to cater for the welfare of its workers, by earnestly providing its full-time employees with intensive medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and vision insurance notwithstanding the level of the employee’s position in the company.

Amazon places a great deal of importance on the health and well-being needs of its workers through providing full-time employees with comprehensive medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and vision insurance, regardless of the level of their skills or the role. Benefits varied from state to state so click here to find out benefits plans.

amazon wfh jobs

2) Paid Time Off (PTO)

Amazon provides paid time off to its full-time employees, also PTO is extended to part-time and hourly earning workers.

Paid Time Off days are days that employees are granted an off day from work but still get paid. The amount of PTO made available for employees is based on their salary, hours of work, and their tenure in a particular position, while hourly workers cumulate their PTO by the number of weekly hours worked.

Amazon offers Paid Time Off vacation days alongside the 7 acknowledged federal holidays, which are:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  •  Christmas Day

Moreso, Amazon makes provision for additional pay for sick days, apart from the pay for vacation days. This is simply deployed by the State, its local law, and regulations. PADI Personal The is also provided d to employees, but do note that it is purely based on their working tenure at Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t permit a rollover of Paid Time Off if employees do not use their Paid Time Off throughout a year and it expires. Click here to have a proper review of Amazon’s Paid Time Off.

3) Amazon is a Divergent and Comprehensive Company

Amazon is a company that delights in divergent and Comprehensive (all-inclusive) ethics. Amazon outlined 16 leadership principles that are advocate this agenda and assemble a structure to guide their conduct and affairs, in hiring, working together, and building confidence.

A 12 support body solely entitled to different theme areas, such as Body Positive Peers, People living with Disabilities, Black Employee Network, and Women in Finance.
To find out more about Amazon’s all-inclusive organization, click here.

Here are some other fringe-benefit an employee stands to enjoy while working at Amazon.
Work at Amazon and get an hourly minimum wage of nothing Les than $15, paid maternity and also paternity leave, senior and children care assistance programs, adoption assistance program, employees get to enjoy discounts, amazing right, besides that working at Amazon is a delight and gives you a vivacious personality.

Amazon Flex; Be your Boss

Just like we have software applications like Uber, Bolt, you also can become an Amazon Flex driver. Trust me when I say it is an easy-breezy job to acquire. The curated Amazon flex application, the app ensure to keep you on track with packages picked up and shows direction. Also ok the application the driver gets to see how much they were able to earn.

The driver gets to schedule their rides according to their location and the number of hours they want to work.
Click here to check out the Amazon Flex Application.

remote jobs at amazon

What places does Amazon offer Amazon Flex delivery jobs?

The Amazon Flex delivery job is very amazing because you tend to be
your boss and decide how many hours you choose to work, but then the only drawback is that not all states have openings for the Amazon flex job always. So if you are interested in the Amazon Flex Job you might need to always keep a tab on your check-ins. Also possibly send in suggestions to Amazon to extend their openings of the
Flex job to other states.

Building a career from home as a virtual worker at Amazon

Apart from the few early mentioned job offers at Amazon, there are surplus job offers at Amazon worldwide. Check out their virtual location job page, click here.

More available remote jobs at Amazon

There are numerous job offers at Amazon, when you visit the Amazon job site for remote jobs at Amazon specifically you get to see a whole lot of job opportunities to grab, here are a few other available remote jobs at Amazon: software development, customer service, data analysis, account management and many more.

You also might want to have a look at IT job offers like solution architecture, cloud support, and a lot more of other remote jobs at Amazon. Like I said earlier ensure to keep a tab on Amazon. job site to discover current openings and know their stipulated requirements, which varies across every job description at Amazon.

How to Apply for Amazon work from home Jobs

Amazon’s job site is divided into toe main subsets, the first which is known as fulfillment job; refers to warehouse type of job positions and the other subsite is remote-friendly jobs. Since we are focusing more on work from homed jobs at Amazon it is advisable to channel one’s search to remote jobs at Amazon.

So now you can get access to the job site by visiting Amazon. jobs and clicking on “Remote Career Opportunities”.

There you can search for the preferred job of your choice, to make it less stressful and avoid scrolling in search of a particular job type, apply the filters, by using the checkboxes on the left side of the page to find out an available job offer.

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Luckily you get to see a job offer that suits you just fine, the next step to take is preparing your cover letter and resume for your application.

Cover letters are persuasive write up that accompanies your resume or CV. The purpose of a cover letter is to pitch yourself in a convincing tone why you are the best fit for the job offer. While at this consider checking out the objectives and goals of the company and then fuse them in your application.

I am a student can I work remotely at Amazon?

Are you probably still schooling or an fr sh leave(recent graduate) and looking for a work-from-home job at Amazon, and bothered about if you stand a chance? Well here is something to make your day! Amazon every year holds virtual hiring events alongside its publication of about 100 jobs listings for students and newly graduated students, as they offer employment opportunities suitable for both internship and full-time programs.

Here is a list of remote jobs at Amazon available for students: software development, product managers, operations managers, financial analysts, and all more. Click here to check out more jobs you might be interested in

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